Hi, I’m Jordan. I work as a software engineer specializing in Javascript. I’m experienced with many popular front-end frameworks, including Angular and Angular 2+, Vue, and especially React. I pride myself on delivering clean, consistent code as well as being an excellent communicator.

Currently, I work at Hayneedle as a Front-End Engineer. Having completed several major projects, I recently spearheaded the development of the site navigation redesign effort using Angular 2. Currently I’m working on porting a combination of our result list and product page to a React/Redux-based web application. In the past, I’ve updated internal business tools which handle and configure pricing, I’ve built and maitained the application tool that external businesses use to apply to Hayneedle’s trade program. Additionally, I’ve converted the site header to an updated framework in order to increase performance.

In my free time, I write science-fiction (think a wannabe Douglas Adams, Kurt Vonnegut with a dash of some obscure reference intended to make me look cool). I also spend my time trying to learn new things - the harmonica, ballroom dancing, and yes, maybe even comedy improv (we’ll see).

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You can also find my resume here.