HI, I’m Jordan. I work as a full-stack software engineer specializing in Javascript. I’m experienced with Node, Express, Angular, React, Backbone, and Electron. I pride myself on not only delivering clean, consistent code but also on being an excellent communicator. After all, great work doesn’t happen in isolation, but rather through a team crafting a fantastic product together.

Presently, I work at Hack Reactor as a Hacker-in-Residence. In that role, I serve as a coding mentor to current students, assisting them as they progress through the advanced software engineering curriculum. I also teach a front-end web development introductory course.

In July, I will be looking for software engineering positions in either Omaha or Des Moines, as well as remote/flexible positions. Feel free to contact me with any questions or opportunities.

In my free time, I write humorous science-fiction (think Douglas Adams, Kurt Vonnegut). I also spend my time trying to learn new things - the harmonica, ballroom dancing, and yes, maybe even comedy improv (we’ll see).

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You can also find my resume here.